Innovation in Aural & Sensory Experiences is a collective of interactive artists, DJs, and musicians, who believe in "innovation in aural and sensory experiences, ensuring customer satisfaction and operational excellence through expressions of love and software proficiency."

Using projection mapping, interactive 3D models pulse, flash, and react to audio and user input to create unforgettable synesthetic experiences. The original music visualizer prototype was developed in Unity, creating scripts that drive transformations and camera movement based on audio waveforms with user input driven actions for strobes builds, and scene transitions. Development occurred in 2015 to build better FFT functions and audio frameworks, more dynamic actions and shaders, all running in real time in Unity in conjunction with a summer series of audio/visual electronic performances.

Collaborators: Brian Beams, Joshua Sheehy, James Storey, Morgan Jenks, Austin Rene Dubois

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